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Hi My name is Bob and I love to do two things. One is masturbating to cam girls and the other is Karate. 

Bob Masteson


Since I have seen literally thousands of adult cam shows I figured why not put my experiences to a higher use and share the best adult webcams sites in a list with reviews for all the top sex cam sites. Today I am sharing my list of the best adult webcam sites. It’s a hand detailed collection of my experiences on more than 10 of best adult cam sites. Let’s not act naive; like we don’t all use these nude chat sites. The facts are out there and adult webcams sites are pretty much mainstream these days. We all have at least one girlfriend who is a cam girl and among men 65% of us are more are guilty or partaking in live sex cams shows from time to time. Therefore, it only makes sense to have more resources and opinions published on which live webcam sites for adults fulfill their commitments and deliver reasonable value back to users.

Again, my name is Bob Masteson and as the editor of BachelorBlog you have my word that these experiences using live sex cams are my honest opinions of the very best adult webcam sites.

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