Winners of Love in the Wild 2, Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria, Planning Their Around the World Trip


Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria Winners of Love in the Wild 2




Ken and Yanina In the Jungle Working on a Challenge for Love in the Wild

Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria won as a couple on “Love in the Wild 2.”  They truly enjoyed the experience and both claim they in love.  At the finish, it looked like Ben and Michelle were closer to the finish than actually took place.  Ken’s feeling about it is that it was dramatic effect they decided upon through editing.  Would they do that?  Why, of course they would!
Ken and Yanina started out together on day one.  When the twist was revealed, more women were introduced and there would be trios, Yanina thought about leaving.  But she is glad she stayed as Ken stayed with her.
Both admit that building a relationship in the wild is a bit difficult.  Not only are you doing that, but you have to be physical, think together, plan strategy, etc.  Ken states there were some stressful times but they worked through it.  He was very impressed with how athletic Yanina. was.   Ken stated, “I thought Yanina compared to the other women on the show, outside of the water, she was probably the most athletic female contestant.”
Both are glad they can be open about their relationship now.  No more sneaking around.  They can hold hands in public and walk around Miami and Chicago openly.  Ken remarks, “We’ve met each other’s family and friends and now to be able to let everybody know about it, it’s fun.”
And Yanina had this to add, “It’s like losing 15 pounds just be being able to say we won and we are together and we love each other. It’s such a big weight we had to carry between the end of the show and now.”
They are in the process of planning their around the world trip.  They get to pick destinations.  Ken says they will be starting  out in French Polynesia.  And don’t forget Argentina!  That is where Yanina is from and she stated, during the show,  that she wants to take Ben there.
I was so happy to see them win.