Willie Hantz, Brother of Russel Hantz, is Set to be on Big Brother 14 And as Of 7/20/12 He has Been Removed


Willie Hantz Photo with his Brother Russel Hantz

I almost don’t believe it. We have another Hantz in a CBS show. I wonder when one will appear in The Amazing Race? Wille is the brother of Russell Hantz. The question remains if he will take on the villain role.

Willie describes himself as docile, hostile, and serious. Now docile means submissive or ready to obey instruction. This does not seem to fit the Hantz profile. As for activities, he enjoys gambling and strip clubs. He might just get a kick out of the playboy of the year, winner Kara Monaco, also a Big Brother 14 contestant.

His strategy is to create confusion so as to draw attention away from himself. Somehow, I don’t see that working. I think he will have a big target on his back from the very beginning.

Willie is 34 years old, is a tanker man, and he is from Dayton, Texas. He has two children and a girlfriend. However, he’s willing to flirt with the girls in the house if it will get him further in the game. And his motto is, “Only the good die young.” How well do you think he will do?

Willie Removed

The coaches competition was yesterday and Janelle won.  She decided to keep Ashley safe. It was a reward for Ashley since she went against her former alliance mate Willie and voting Kara out.  Ashley is welcomed back to the team.
Janelle decides that the have  not’s this week will be all three members of Britney’s team.  That means slop for Shane, Willie, and Jo.  A fourth was needed and Ian volunteered.  Slop is supplemented by Pork Rinds and Pudding this week.
And it is obvious who will be nominated this week, Shane and Willie.  Unless Willie wins the POV, he will be gone. Willie started moving his stuff to the have not room and slams doors.  Willie storms into the HOH
room and tells them he will be gone before Thurs.  They start to worry that he might cause trouble.  Joe tells them not to worry that he and Frank can kick ass.
Downstairs, Willie tells JoJo, Britney, and Joe that he is going to get into a fight and “knock someone out.”
Willie goes into the have not room and butts his head against the walls several times. (Looks like he is out of control.  He started calling everyone “ass holes” and Janelle a C—..  He throws pork rinds at Janelle. Joe gets between Willie and Janelle and he head butts Joe 4 or 6 times.  Security was sent into the house. 
Joe was told to stay in the bathroom away from Willie and security stated with Joe. Other security members took Willie to the diary room.  It looks like he went on his own without being forced.   Later, it was announced on the speakers that Willie would not be returning to the house.