Wil Heuser From American Idol to Big Brother 14


Wil Heuer Big Brother 14

Wil Heuser is 24 years old and is a marketing consultant in Louisville, Kentucky.  And he once tried out for American Idol 8.  He describes himself as brash and unique and for fun he enjoys running and biking.

A contestant that he did not like was Evil Dick.  He thought he was arrogant. And yes, he was. But this surprised me,  he liked Rachel because she was funny and outgoing.  He’s the first one that ever said he really liked her. Different strokes for different folks.  He is certainly entitled to his opinion.
As for his lifestyle, he is used to living alone and likes his space. It will be a challenge living with so many others.  But,  he feels the challenge will be good for him. He hopes to play the nice guy,  form early alliances, and then use manipulation as needed.
His motto:  “If you want something done, do it yourself.”