Who is Matt Leinart and What is His Connection to Bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky & Emily Maynard?

Ali Fedotowsky and Matt Leinart at a Charity Event in 2010

Ricki’s First Day of School


 Matt Leinhart has been a professional NFL player for the Raiders, Houston Texas, and the Arizona Cardinals.  He is a quarterback and very good at it.  He went to USC and won the Heisman Trophy.

In 2010, he was linked to Ali Fedtowsky.  The finale of  her “Bachelorette” season had not been shown yet, but she was seen out with him.  We learned it was a charity event.  But, it was also reported that she gave him her phone number.  That source was a tabloid “The Star.”

She and Roberto Martinez became  engaged. We did not have anymore news about Matt until November 2011.  Ali and Roberto broke up and it was rumored again, that Ali may still have a connection to Matt.

Emily Maynard knows Matt as  a single father and he has a twitter account.  Emily did follow him earlier in the year.  But she has not followed  him for quite some time.

Emily and Jef  look very happy, for the most part.  Someone who analyzes body language reported this week, that they seem strained.  I guess I would be too, if my name was being brutalized on the Internet.  But, if  you check out the photo of Jef and Emily on Ricki’s first day of school, they look terrific.  I don’t think Ricki could look as happy if there was trouble in Charlotte.  She would feel the stress, even if they told her everything is fine.




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