When Arie Flew to Charlotte and Called Emily, He did not Know She was Engaged


Arie of Emily’s Bachelorette Season He was one of the Final Two



Emily and Jef on His Home Town Date and in Curacao.


I just finished watching the Jimmy Kimmel live show and he interviewed Emily Maynard and her fiance Jef  Holm.  Once again, they looked very happy.  They shared that when Arie flew to Charlotte, he did not know Emily and Jef were engaged.  He thought she did not pick anyone.   Fortunately when he got there, he realized that it would not be fair to Emily and Ricki to just barge in.  He left his journal on her door step and went back home,

When Emily told Jef about the situation, he called Arie.  Arie said it was the heart to heart talks with Jef that helped him move on.  And Arie also told Jef that hearing him so happy was helpful.  He really was happy for them.

According to Jef, they remain good friends.  Jef commented on the show, that the first night  at the  mansion,  he and Arie seemed to make a connection.  And Jef said he told Arie, “You and me the final two.”

Jimmy asked if Arie would be in the wedding.  He looked at Emily, and she said it was up to Jef.  But when Jimmy suggested that Aire be in charge of Jef’s Bachelor party, Emily said, “No way.”

Emily said she is a girly girl, and she is checking out wedding dresses, etc., but not planning a date as yet. 

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