What was Going on with Ed and Jaclyn at Bachelor Pad This Week?

Jaclyn and Ed Having a Good Time Together Bachelor Pad 3


Jaclyn Swartz Bachelor Pad 3



 What can we say about Ed this past Monday?  Chris Harrison in his weekly TV Guide blog, shares that Ed just can’t seem to help himself.  But, at the same time, he gets away with it.

 Last week he told everyone, in front of his partner, Jaclyn,  that he was not in to her.  This week, she heard about the woman back home that Ed “has feelings for.”  She did seem upset but after she tried to get Ed to define their relationship, she continued to pursue him and remain physically intimate with him.  The best that he could come up with is that sharing the same bed is comforting and he trusts her.
As Chris sees it, “Jaclyn loves Ed, and she knows in her heart and brain she should not.”  Chris ended his discussion about this with, “I guess he’s addicting.”

Chris was also surprised that Ed and Jaclyn did so poorly in the spelling bee.  Ed is very well-educated and Jaclyn is a smart woman.  But Chris also realizes that making them spell the words, each alternating with a letter, is not the most normal to spell.

I suppose they will remain a couple on Bachelor Pad and be the best of friends in the future.