Week 2 Dancing with the Stars A Night Of Kicks and Flicks, Cartwheels, and a Bit of Hollywood


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 What a wonderful night of dancing.  It was not without some of the celebrities and even a pro suffering some type of injury during the week.  The competition is fierce and no one can afford to coast.  Every week, every day, they need to give their best.  The bar as been set much higher for the All Stars.  But that being said,  everyone remains friends and they offer encouragement to each other.

Sabrina  Dance:  Quick Step Pro:  Louis Van Amstel  Score:  26
This week we have a new leader, Sabrina Bryan!  Her dance with pro Louis Van Amstel was phenomenal.  Part of the routine involved running up three steps at the end.  During the week, Louie dropped Sabrina on the floor and she cut her arm.  Thankfully, her performance was not affected. 
The routine was very fast paced and full of energy.  One did not get the feeling that it was being “over danced” like last week. 
Bruno:  “Oh my God, it is Ms. Ginger Rogers at her best.  A dazzler, a true dazzler.”
Carrie Ann:  She called the whole thing “ridiculous.”  “Your top line is something I have never seen before, ever.”  She continued by saying, “You had grace, you had drama, you had dynamics.  It was awesome.”
Len:  “The hits just keep on coming,” Len cheered.  “You kept all your upper body calm and under control, but your legs were working.”
SereneLdy:  I was so captivated by the dance. Louie did a fantastic job designing the dance.  And, she scored the first 9.
Gilles Marini  Dance:  Jive  Score:  25.5  Pro:  Peta Murgatroyd
Gilles had some difficulties this week as he strained a muscle in his thigh.  But he was not about to let that stand in the way of a good performance.  Gilles wants to perform the best jive ever.
Carrie Ann:  She called Gilles’ kicks and flicks the best of the night.  “I’m seeing a little John Travolta thing happening here and it’s quite enjoyable.”
Len:  He called the routine fast and fabulous. 
Bruno:  You’ve got the kicks, you’ve got the cleavage, let the good times roll.”
SereneLdy:  This song was a tribute to the dad of Gilles, who passed away 17 years ago today. It was a terrific dance and I loved the energy and they danced with passion.
Shawn Johnson:  Dance: Jive Pro:  Derek Hough  Score: 25

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough Dancing with the Stars All Stars Week 2

Shawn was a little upset that she did not place in the top three last week.  In the Olympics, that would have earned a medal.  Her goal this week is to be in the top three. Because she is a gymnast, she wanted to put a cart-wheel into the routine.  And they did!
Len:  He thought their jive was the dance equivalent of melba toast.”  “It was good enough, but I want to see more than enough.”  And then Len winked!   (I can see Derek and Shawn saying, “Game on.”)
 Bruno:  He thought the dance was “vibrant, exhilarating, and eye-popping.” 
 Carrie Ann:  She called Shawn and Derek the “all-star sweethearts.”        
SereneLdy:  I love watching the two of them.  And what was really cute is Tom commenting on the fact that Shawn was so fresh after such a dance and Derek seemed drained!  Derek said he did feel drained.
Apolo Anton:  Dance:  Quick Step  Pro:  Karina Smirnoff  Score:  24.5
Karina looked very pretty in yellow.
Len:  He called it a gold medal performance.  “Speed with control.”
Bruno:  He feels Apolo proved that “determination, focus, and hard work pays off.”  And, he felt his footwork was “incredible.”
Carrie Ann: She felt he truly drove the dance, and that’s what they want to see.
SereneLdy:  Apolo felt the same about last week as Shawn did, they would not have gotten a medal.  So, this week, he wants to be in the top 3.
Melissa Rycroft:  Dance: Jive  Pro:  Tony Dovolani  Score:  23.5

Melissa Rycoft and Tony Dovolani Dancing with the Stars All Stars Week 2

Melissa wants to prove that she can do a really great jive.  Last time she was here, she injured her ribs and was not able to perform the dance for the televised audience.  So, the judges used her rehearsal video to judge by. 
Bruno:  “I loved it,” and called Melissa the “fastest girl in town” and stated that was the fastest jive he has ever seen.
Len:  “I loved it.  You set the bar very high tonight.”  (They were the first couple to dance.)
Carrie Ann:  “I am so happy we finally got to see your jive, because you were made to jive.”
Serenely:  I loved it too and these two dance very well together.
Helio   Dance:  Jive  Score:  23  Pro: Chelsie Hightower
Helio took Chelsie to the race track and her had her ride in a race car.  He wanted her to feel what he feels in the car, which sometimes is similar to what he feels dancing.  She loved it but felt dizzy and I loved her screams!
Carrie Ann:  “This week your body caught up to the charm that was on your face.”  You’ve got style with a smile.”
Len:  He agreed with Carrie Ann.  “Lovely sharp kicks and flicks,” but he did feel it was a bit too enthusiastic at times.
Bruno:  He called it a “delicious treat of a jive.” but sometime he pumps too high with his foot.
SereneLdy:  It looked great and he can really move.  He does have nice charisma!
Emmitt Smith  Dance:  Quick Step  Score:  22.5  Pro:  Cheryl Burke
He was pleased to be at the top of the leader board last week and hopes for the same this week. He stated he is not intimidated by the race car driver or the speed skater.  But perhaps he should have been a bit more careful in what he said.
His dance was not as good as I had hoped for.  Something seemed missing.
Len:  He liked the cool attitude but he though that Emmitt’s upper body frame was not right.
Bruno:  He likes the chemistry with Cheryl but he also felt the frame was off.
Carrie Ann:  She cautioned Emmitt to “watch out for the speed skater and the care car driver.”
SereneLdy:  I liked the dance but some of the others were better.  I also thought he was a bit too cocky this week, and it may have cost him.
Drew Lechey:  Dance:  Jive  Pro:  Anna Trebunskaya  Score:  22.5
Drew was in the bottom three last week and is hoping that does not happen this week.  He stated that it felt like a “Punch in the gut” and he felt he let his daughter down.  Last week it was suggested that he loosen up and he is going to do his best.
We saw a more dynamic Drew this time. 
Bruno:  He enjoyed it but told Drew to be careful not to get flat-footed.
Carrie Ann:  She applauded.  “You’ve got to get on the balls of your feet on the jive.”
Len:  He also talked about the balls of the feet and told him he would not be in the bottom this week.
SereneLdy:  He looked much better this week!
Joey Fatone:  Dance:  Quick Step  Pro:  Kym Johnson  Score:  22.5
The dance was really cute and Joey was Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp.”   Although it was cute, the judges were not overly impressed.
Carrie Ann:  She felt everything about the performance was fantastic but he made a few mistakes.  “You were out of sync twice.”
Len:  “Poor posture, bad footwork, lost body contact, frame was not constant.  But, he enjoyed it and said,  “If you can’t dance, come out and entertain us.   And that is what he did.
Bruno:  “Joey can dance – yes technically it could have been better.”
SereneLdy:  He was adorable and of course I am not a judge to see his mistakes, but it was so much fun.
Kelly Monaco  Dance:  Quick Step  Score:  22 Pro:  Val  Chmerkovski

Val and Kelly Dancing with the Stars All Stars Week 2

It has been 7 years since Kelly danced and won the trophy.  Val told her he is very proud of her.  They had some  moments of comedy.  He was making an inference to her top side getting in the way.  She brought some blown up balloons to represent boobs and tied them around him.  It was a riot and Val finally understood the problem  much better.
At the end, Kelly popped the balloons and Val’s front side was drenched!
Bruno:  “Pretty in Pink.”  He thought they were great on their side to side.  He also thought it was elegant but they need to work on their hold.
Carrie Ann:  She thought they should watch their lines when out of  hold.
Len:  Her loved the spins but she needs to work on the hold.
SereneLdy:  I too loved the pink.  I enjoyed their dance.
Kirstie Alley  Dance:  Jive  Score:  21  Pro:  Maks Chmerkovskiy 

Kirstie and Maks Dancing with the Stars All Stars

Kirstie called Maks 50 shades of Maksim.  Cute.  He placed a pair of blue latex gloves tried together, around her thighs so she won’t treat her jive like a hoedown.”  Kirstie said, “A little creepy, a little effective.”  I loved her chic bob wig.  It was a very different look and it was great!  Kirstie was talking about how much older she is than most of the other celebrities.
Carrie Ann:  “Age is just a number, and you just proved it to us.”  Carrie Ann would like to see the two of them match movement styles more.
Len:  He called it “flirty, dirty, Kirstie…a great improvement on last week.”
Bruno:  “Experience counts and you showed it.  You played it beautifully.”
SereneLdy:  I enjoyed the dance and these two,  Maks and Kirstie are so much fun to watch.
Bristol Palin  Dance:  Quick Step  Score:  18  Pro:  Mark Ballas
Bristol wanted to dance to “Redneck Woman” and show Mark and the audience a bit of her world.  She took Mark to a shooting range and they engaged in shooting targets.  Bristol did very well.
The dance seemed disjointed for some reason.  It seemed difficult to do a proper quick step to that song.
Bruno:   He felt they were not in hold enough.  And he felt it was not a true quick step.
Carrie Ann:  She feels Bristol is a “vibrant performer” but cautioned the hold.  She said that Mark broke the rules on that.
Len:  “He liked the hoedown, but the technique was a bit lowdown.”
SereneLdy:  It was a cute dance but seemed to lack the precision the other dances had.  But, she gets an “A” for effort.
Since Bristol is low man, she should go home, but we shall see what the votes reveal.