We have Learned that Sean Lowe has Become a Great Kisser!!!!

When Sean Lowe first appeared on Emily Maynard’sBachelorette season, everyone wondered when he would move in for a kiss. We remember Emily ready for a kiss but Sean was slow to comply. It was finally in England, on their one on one date, that he went for it. It was a romantic moment and the fire works display seemed perfectly timed.

Sean finally surprised us with passion when he backed Emily into a wall in Prague for a very passionate kiss. We are certain the audience around the world was clapping their hands.

Arie and Sean Kiss Emily Maynard at Different Times during The Bachelorette
You be the Judge!

Just in case Sean needed some additional help to get his kisses down before The Bachelor 17, Arie Luyendyk came to the rescue. He met Sean and provided some kissing lessons. Emily Maynard said several times during her season, that Arie was the best kisser!!!

Mike Fleiss Tweets Sean is a Great Kisser

And now, we have it known by one of the producers of The Bachelor 17,Mike Fleiss, that Sean is a great kisser, according to the girls. Those lessons must have helped.

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