We Have a New Bachelor Franchise Couple Lindzi and Kalon Going Strong Photos

Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon Enjoy Each Other’s Company


Lindzi, Kalon, and Sadie the Dog



Kalon McMahon Arrives in a Helicopter to Meet Emily Maynard


Lindzi Arrives by Horse To Meet Bachelor Ben Flanjik



Chris Harrison will tell you that he was very surprised at the relationship which developed between  Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon.  Honestly, I think he was cast on Bachelor Pad to provide drama.  We did not get that, we had a gentleman to a fault in his treatment of Lindzi.

And we all remember well the entrance to Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s season, in a helicopter.  Then, on Bachelor Pad, a Porsche.  And of course no one will forget Kalon’s remarks about Emily’s daughter, Ricki.  So, to see this side of  him on Bachelor Pad is a wonderful surprise.

Lindzi has always been a delight.  And who can forget her entrance on Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor 16, on a horse.  She is an equestrian, so that makes sense.  Ben was wowed!  And he very nicely helped her down.  She was the runner- up and was so sad.  But, she is moving on!!!!

On Bachelor Pad, Lindzi and Kalon really stayed under the radar.  There were no fireworks for trouble, but fireworks for a relationship.  And that relationship continues and they are having as much fun as Jef and Emily, sharing photos of themselves.

I will never forget one statement said in her bio:

If  you wanted to really impress a man what would you do and why?

Lindzi’s answer:  “Show him I can change a tire, how many girls can do that?”

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