We Had Two Nights of Guilty Pleasures on DWTS All Stars and we were Not Disappointed Recap & Great Photos

 The Greatest Compliment of Both Nights was Bruno’s compliment for  Team Derek and Shawn Johnson, “It was hardly possible to distinguish the pros from the stars.”
During week 5, we had two one hour nights of performance, due to the Presidential debates.  Monday evening we were not disappointed.  The theme for the night was “Guilty Pleasure Songs.”  One team would perform individual dances, while the other would do their team freestyle dance.

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Dazzle with a Samba Week 5

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovski Samba danced to Cher Lloyd’s “I Want you Back”  Score: 24.5
Kelly did not have an off week from “General Hospital”, she was working hard to get the dance correct in a limited amount of time. 
Len:  I knew he was going to say that there was too much “stuff” before the dance.  This has always been a sticking point with Len.  And, he felt there was too much “gratifying.” His best quote of the night,  ā€œIā€™m an enemy of the unnecessary!ā€
Carrie Ann:  She stated that Kelly was out of sync with Val and that Kelly seemed uncertain and her body was tense. 
Bruno:  I always love his words, he felt it was “titillating” and a “tasty tease.”

Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd Rumba Week 5 Look at the Extension of her leg


Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd  did a sultry rumba to Whitney Houston’s “I will Always Love You.”  Score:  29.5

It was almost perfect.  He and Peta decided not to do any tricks but to keep the routine to show real emotion.  He was very sensual in his dance and I think the women were truly memorized.  I know I was.

Bruno:  He felt he was a master at keeping the tempo, with no real count to the music to follow.  “It was gripping and thrilling.”

Carrie Ann:  Oh my gosh, she got so worked up about his dance, that she literally fell off of the chair.  She was not hurt and Tom and Gilles rushed to help her back into her chair.  She felt it was gorgeous, romantic, elegant, a perfect balance of emotion and dance.

Len:  He loved it.


Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovski Week Five


  Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovski  danced a Quickstep to Simon and Garfunkel;’s “Mrs. Robinson.”  Maks was going to be her boy toy.  Score:  25.5

Kirstie looked confident and she really looked like she was enjoying herself. They started the dance behind a screen, which  was very affective.  This was her highest score so far.

Carrie Ann:  “I thought it was your best performance by miles.”

Len:  He agreed it was her best dance so far.

Bruno:  He loved it and like in football, she hit the goal.”

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke danced a Samba to Barry Manilow’s “The Copacabana.”  Score:  29

 Emmitt was suave and sensual and he really knows how to move his hips.

Len:  “An unstoppable performance.”

Bruno: “You are always switched on and you give  maximum pleasure.  You make the Samba look easy.”

Carrie Ann:  “No one does the Samba like you.  You have the “Samba Swagger, who knew?”

Group Dance: Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani, Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough, Apolo Ohno and Karina, Sabrina Bryan  and Louie. They performed a cheerleader freestyle dance to Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe.”  Score:  29.9


Team Dance to “Call Me Maybe” Shawn, Derek, Sabrina, Louie, Melissa, Tony, Karina, Apolo Week 5

 Melissa had injured her neck, went to the hospital, and was cleared to dance.  The dance was full of lifts, twists, and challenging acrobatic moves.  The judges raved about the routine, they loved the complexity and the choreography.  They were in sync and the individual dances were awesome also.  You could tell they really put a lot of thought and time into the dance.

The greatest compliment of the night:   Bruno told them that it was “almost impossible to distinguish between the stars and the pros. 

 Tuesday night also provided some very special moments. 

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Tango Week 5


  Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Tango to Britney Spears “Toxic.”  Score 27  Total Score:  56.5
 On top of suffering an injury this week, Melissa got to experience two more firsts. She has never done a “Guilty Pleasures” dance nor has she don’t the Tango.  Now, the Tango if a very energetic dance with what might be deemed extreme posture of the head and neck.  Melissa told Tony that dancing the Tango is like, “Talking in a different language.”   But Tony and  Melissa managed beautifully. 
Len:  He gave her a verbal pat on the back.  “It was crisp, it was sharp, occasionally I thought you could  have snapped a bit more.”
At that point, Tom interjected that the lack of snap was due to Melissa’s being toted off in an ambulance for a neck injury.  Len snapped to Tom, “Keep your witty comments to yourself,” and Tom came back with, “That was more a factual comment in an attempt to find your beating heart.” 
Bruno:  “You were a fascinating creature.  It was not toxic, it was intoxicating.”  He loved the character but felt her top line could have been better. Well, of course it could!   But she did so well after all that she went through two days before.
Carrie Ann:  She loved the dance but did agree that while she was “gritty”, “your torso could be a bit tighter.” 
But her score was nothing to be ashamed of.
Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson Dance a Rumba Week 5
Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough  – Rumba to Celine Dion’s ode to the Ocean, “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic.” Score 27  Total: 56.5
Derek did a great job helping Dawn show some emotion.  He told her, “There is strength in vulnerability.”  And his choreographing was fabulous.  When they were finished dancing, I had tears.  I loved the way she leaped into his arms.  And when Derek disappeared in the fog at the end, a beautiful touch. The crowd
was on its feet!  Bruno stood with disbelief at what they did.
Bruno:  “That was awesome! Ever-changing shapes.” He felt she was emotionally connected, “It was romantic, and absolutely stunning.”
Carrie Ann:  She said she felt like a, “Proud Mama, you’ve grown so much.”  But she told them there was a “lifty poo.”
Len: He was a bit negative, stating that he did not see any hip action and just clipped moments.  He compared the dance to a “Dickens novel.  I had ‘Great Expectations.’  I got “Bleak House.”
I don’t know what he was seeing but at least they still got a decent score.
Apolo and Karina Smirnoff  talked about how importance of the “Samba Roll” is to the dance.
Carrie Ann:  Thought the legwork was fantastic, but she said the is still waiting for a “breakthrough moment.” She also felt the chemistry between the two was out of sync.
 Len:  He thought Carrie Ann was bonkers.  “I thought that was terrific, a little too much grinding, maybe, but I saw rhythm, I saw clean, sharp, precise movement.”
 Bruno:  He thought Apolo was “terribly sexy,”   I thought you did a really good job.”

Sabrina and Louie Danced a Waltz Week 5


Sabrina Bryan and Louie Van Amstel a Waltz to “So This is Love” from “Cinderella.   Score:29 Total: 58.5
Louie worked with Sabrina to be certain to go from the fast paced Cheetah girl to a composed and elegant Cinderella. 
Len:  He loved it, “It had a beginning, a middle, and an end.”  And then Len smiled and said, “Cinderella I think you are going to the ball.”
Bruno:  “It was a magic ride into an enchanted kingdom.” 
Carrie Ann:  She started on a bit of a downer,  “I don’t think you quite got to the vulnerability,” “(fake out) “But I think that was elegance personified.  I think you are headed toward a happy ending.”

Team Gangnam Giles, Peta, Maks, Kirstie, Val, Kelly, Emmitt, Cheryl

 This dance left me confused, it was not organized and certainly was not nearly as good as the other team.  Even at the rehearsals there was confusion as Gilles tried to assume leadership, but the “alpha male” according to Giles, Maks, tried to take over.  There was no real plan.
They started out in uniform and sunglasses and the women were wearing bobbed wigs.  Actually I thought the wigs were the best part, as it really transformed the look of all the women into something interesting.
Then they took off their suits and all had on something different.  Another interesting part was when the men slid through the ladies legs on the floor.  This was similar to what Emmitt Smith did one night with Cheryl. That for me, was the highlight of the dance.
Len:  “That was the craziest number I have ever seen.”
Bruno:  “You guys were a hot mess.”
Carrie Ann:  “But sometimes a hot mess turns into crazy fun insanity.”
Score: 27  Now remember the other team received 29.5