We had Coconuts, Bananas, and One Night Stands on Love in Wild Episode 4 Recap

Ken and Yanina a Nice Couple

Ali and Jesse Struggle with Bananas

It was one of the most spirited and difficult challenges the contestants have had. And besides that, several of the men did not see eye to eye. Before the challenge, contestants had a few days to become more acquainted. Jason and Vanessa had just teamed up at the last couple’s ceremony and seemed to be doing rather well together. When Vanessa became Jason’s partner, she was excited to see what could happen

Ben, of his new partner, Michelle, stated that she is fun to be around and she makes him laugh. I have to say I saw more laugher from him than I ever did with Jenny. This does seem to be a much better pairing. Yanina and Ken are getting along very well. They have been together since the beginning. He is being respectful and they now enjoy cuddling and kissing. Ken said, “We have chemistry and I have to hold back.” Good for you Ken!! Now Jesse and Ali are not exactly enjoying one another’s company himself. No surprise there.

The couples meet for their challenge and Jenny lets them know it will be tough one. They have to take 55 lbs. of coconuts down a long road. They have a wheelbarrow, which they need to put together. Then, they will trade the coconuts for a horse. Whereupon, they will ride to a place to get a map. The place is a beautiful waterfall and the map will be behind the falls. They race to the falls, and even though Summer and Chase are not first, she dives into the water and quickly gets there before the couple swimming ahead of her. Remember, she was an Olympic finalist in swimming in 2004, I think. It’s amazing to watch her as she speeds ahead. She beats Ken and he is amazed.

The map tells them they will be walking across a rope and must race and get their equipment to do that. Sadly, Ken and Yanina, and Summer and Chase, get going so fast, that they don’t stop for the equipment, totally bypassing it. When they realize it they turn back. They head back to collect the needed items and will not be able to catch up.

At the end, couples need to use the machete they picked up with the rope and have to cut 50 lbs of bananas and deliver them. The first one to complete that task is the winner. With all of the lifting today, they are all exhausted. And so am I just watching them.

Ali and Chase came in first
so they get to stay in the Oasis room. Jesse keeps feeling out Ali if she is romantically inclined. Now, we know what that means for him, sex. When he was with Tara they had sex and he chose Ali at the next couples ceremony. Ali mentions that he is known for his one night stands. She wants no part of it. She said, “He is the one night stand that won’t go away,

Michele and Ben are second

Jenna and Ryan are third – Ryan referred to her on this challenge as a “potty mouth.” Will he stay with her?

Yanina and Ken are fourth

Summer and Chase fifth

Jason and Vanessa 6th. They had a problem at the falls. When Vanessa was holding the container that held the map, it fell out. They lost time looking for it. This is their first time together and it seems to be going well. They are worried about going home.

Ken tells Yanina
that he is very happy with where they stand. Yanina says, “It is nice to find someone smart and good-looking.

At the next couples ceremony the women choose first. Ken tells Jenny he wants to say something before the ceremony starts. He says he knows what went on with Tara and Jesse. He also said that some of the couples have been together for a while and want to stay together.

Ali goes first and chooses Ben – Ben is shocked. You can tell he does not want to go.

Jesse chooses Michelle. Another shock but at least he does not break up another couple. But it could be good for Ben and Michelle. They might be able to get back together next time,. I cannot see Ben wanting to stay with Ali. He is really fond of Michelle at this point. And I do not see Michelle wanting to stay with Jesse. I think he is in for another rude awakening. Boobs and all will be untouchable.

The decent thing to do would have been Jesse bowing out gracefully, which allows Jason and Vanessa to stay together. But no, he is all about himself.

Jenna and Ryan stay together.

Ken and Yanina stay together.

Summer and Chase Stay.

Jason and Vanessa are going home. They both say they want to continue to get to know one another better. As Vanessa leaves, they are holding hands and she tells us, “Jason has a little piece of my heart.”

Next week we are told two couples will go home. I think Ken and Jesse may get into it again.

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