Video of Jeff Holm In Nicaragua Drilling a Well for a Village and Playing with the Children

Jef in Nicaragua for People Water – Drilling a Well

I just watched this wonderful video of Jef Holm, with his company trying to drill a new well for a village. Some people tried to stop them but were
not successful. The conditions are extremely primitive. I said to myself, “This can be dangerous.” But Jef was not deterred. His company PeopleWater, matches the cost of each bottle for this type of work around the world. What a concept! I have to tell you, I still have tears and deep gratitude for this wonderful man.

In the hometown date, Jef’s brother tells Emily that she might just be the one to get him to settle down. You will see him playing wth children of the village, which leaves no doubt that Ricki would be in good hands. I hope you enjoy the video.

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