(Update 8/27/12)Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea No Longer in the Final Two Couples on Bachelor Pad and are Still Dating and Moving In Together

Tony Pieper Bachelor Pad 3



Blakeley Shea Bachelor Pad 3



Update:  Apparently the original spoilers were wrong.  Tony and Blakeley do not make the final two.    However, they are still moving in together.  Tony proposed to Blakeley at the finale, which was filmed this past Sunday.  She is moving to be with him.  I wish them well.

 As promised, here is the information on Blakeley and Tony.  According to spoilers, Tony and Blakeley will be one of the final two couples.  How did this happen?  I can’t wait to find out.  Perhaps Blakeley read the handwriting on the wall and realized it was time to move on, or Chris chose to move on.

 And Blakeley and Tony are still dating.  Recently they were vacationing in Idaho at the Coeur d’Alene resort in Idaho and we’re told they were really into each other. 
Tony had stated when he came to Bachelor Pad that he was not looking for a fling, he would be looking for love.  It is also reported that Blakeley has spoken to Tony’s five-year old son on the phone but they have not met in person yet.  Blakeley a mom?  Stranger things have happened.  According too Wetpaint, “Tony is telling friends Blakeley is really misunderstood…he says she is very sweet and loving.”
Distance may prove to be a problem.  Tony lives in Portland, and Blakeley in North Carolina. In any event, they really seem to be enjoying each other’s company.  If  it is meant to be, I wish them well.

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