There’s No Place Like Home: Emily Had Four of the Most Wonderful Hometown Dates I Have Ever Seen, Episode 8 Recap

Emily Listens to Jeff’s Letter

Emily Holds Sean’s Niece

I have to say, I think these hometown dates were some of the best ever. Emily was truly welcome in every home and wanted as a daughter-in-law by all of them. As the show begins, Emily is back in Charlotte to spend some time with Ricki. When Emily gets home, there is a huge banner on the staircase that says, “Welcome Home Mommy.” How sweet. I am reminded of similar surprises from my girls over the years. Emily and Ricki talk and play together. It is easy to see the love between them.

Later, Emily is thinking about the four different men. Of Jef, she tells us that when she first met him she thought he was special and she says, “He gets me.” “I feel he would make a great dad.”

Arie has a bad boy edge, “The first kiss was special, he would adore me forever.”

Sean was the first guy I felt safe with. And then she says, “At the end of the week I could be really be in love with one of them.”

Hometown Date in Chicago with Chris
Chris picks her up and takes her to what appears to be a castle. However, it is a bank but it really looks like a castle and reminds them of the wonderful places they visited in Europe. At least we did not have to visit a dungeon!

Emily tells us that last time Chris shared that he was falling in love with her and she wants to see how things progress today. Since Chris is Polish, this will be the theme for the day. He gives her a tour of Chicago and then they are off to meet his parents.

Emily meets, Chris’s dad, John, his mom, Rose, and his two sisters. Emily asks John if he feels Chris is ready to take on being a dad. His dad says that Chris loves kids and, “He will do his best for you and Ricki. He will love and support you.”

Chris’s mom talks to Chris and says she knows he really cares for Emily. Her advice, “If you love her, you have to get out there and kick ass.” Chris’s sister is worried that her brother might get hurt. So she asks Emily to end things sooner than later, if he is not the one.

Emily thinks his family is very sweet. Chris’s dad tells Chris that Emily told him she is falling in love with him. Chris is very happy and decides he will tell Emily his feelings. Chris tells her he loves her. The day ends with a surprise. In the back yard friends are gathered with a real Polish band and they have a grand time.

Jef in St. George
Emily is off to St. George, Utah. She finds herself at his parent’s ranch, which is aptly called, “Holmstead Ranch.” It is a beautiful piece of property, 100’s of acres surrounded by a national forest. They both state they missed the other and Jef thinks she looks perfect.

They get into what I think looks like a dune buggy and take off for a tour of the ranch. There is a beautiful body of water, green pastures, horses, and a blue sky. Jef tells her she will be meeting his siblings and their families as his parents are doing charity work. (Mission work for the Mormon Church.)

Their first stop is a place where they will do some target shooting and the shooting of clay pigeons. They are wearing safety goggles and Jef explains how the shotgun works, etc. He demonstrates his shooting ability. When it is Emily’s turn, she rocks. She hits the clay pigeon every time.

When shooting targets, she gets it right in the center. Jef is super impressed and Emily lets him know that she has been around guns before and knows how to use them. I think this is a great thing for her to know. Here she is a pretty Southern Bell, and she can get down and dirty, and shoot guns. If they were to get together, she would share in his enjoyment of that sport. Not many women really care for that, I don’t think.

Emily meets the family and she is welcomed with a lemon aid toast. Jef’s brother Steve, takes Emily aside and says, “I don’t doubt that you can fall in love fast.” They talk about basic family values and they are on the same page. Steve then asks Emily what it takes to stay in love.

And I love her answer: Emily says, “Sometimes you don’t like each other, but you still love each other.” At this point Steve says, “I think you would compliment him.” Steve then talks with Jef and tells him he has never seen him wanting a family, etc. And he tops off his remarks with, “I think our parents would love her.” It can’t get much better than that.

Emily meets with the sisters and she asks them how they think he would do with her daughter. They feel Jef wants to settle down and with the right woman and child, it would work. They also want to know if she would be willing to move and she says yes. They also want to know if she loves him. They are bold, but I don’t blame them for wanting to know. Emily explains that she is in love with him but slow to throw it out there. Everyone is happy with that answer. Emily looks as if she belongs with these women.

The date ends in a most romantic way. On his way back from Prague, Jef took some time to write down his thoughts about Emily. They are sitting on a blanket, looking out onto a beautiful scene. We have mountains in the distance and some are mesas and quite beautiful. There is green grass and flowers, cactus in bloom, blue sky, and it is just perfect for what Jef has planned.

He has written her a letter of love, which he shares with her.
Here is some of what he said:

He thinks they are a unique combination, meant to be.

She is a good mother.

He loves how funny she is.

He loves how she fits in his arm.

He wants to go to sleep with her and see her there.

He feels they have a strong love that will last forever.

I had tears as he read it and I get mushy as I write this and remember the love I see between them. Emily thanks him and said it is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to her. And she had the best day. The date ends with some delicious kisses.

Emily is on her way to Scottsdale, AZ, and I recognize the magnificent saguaro cacti. Having gone to grad school in Tucson, I fell in love with those cactus. In the car, she says, “Arie and I will always recover from our setbacks.”

She arrives at the track and Arie is driving around the track. She tells us, “I know the racing world but I do not know about Indy cars.” As Arie gets out of the car, Emily thinks he looks hot. Arie tells her they are going for a ride and is that OK. She says only because Arie is driving, will she go. She trusts him.

He tells her to go to get changed into the racing suit. Emily appreciates that he is passionate about driving and he is thrilled that she trusts him. He sees her as enhancing his career. After the ride, the two enjoy a little picnic.

Arie lets her know that his parents are known for speaking their minds and they are very European. They are from Holland. He feels his mom is the least open minded. Arie knows he needs to let his mother know how deep his feelings for Emily are in the hopes of winning her over.

They arrive at the parent’s home and they have wine and snacks waiting. His parents tell her a very nice story about how they spent their honeymoon in Charlotte. Arie’s father was in a couple of races, while they were there! Aries dad was a racecar driver too. Emily tells Arie’s father that she loves his accent. It does sound a bit sexy.

His mother and sisters begin speaking in Dutch and Arie joins in. Emily looks a bit confused and peeved. She does not understand a word. The father asks if Emily wants him to translate. Arie, says, “No I will,” He realized it was a bit rude. Emily tells us she feels like an “invisible wall.” All is forgiven. Arie’s mom, Mieke, tells Emily she knows who she is. And she watched Brad propose to Emily. Then she was surprised to see her as the Bachelorette.

Emily tells Mieke, that she did not ask the questions she should have asked. She is trying to ask the questions this time around. Emily then asks Mieke what it is like to be married to a racecar driver. She tells Emily it is difficult but they have been married 31 years. Mom says she thinks he will make it work.

She can see that Arie has fallen for her and she feels they would make an awesome couple. Arie talks with his father. His dad tells him that Emily has great qualities and, dad says,”I hope you make it to the end.”

As Emily prepares to leave, she tells Arie that she feels everything was great and Arie says that today was a huge step. He now feels ready to propose. Emily is on her way to Dallas, Texas, to meet Sean’s family. Emily is hoping she will like Sean’s parents and that they will like her. She feels Ricki would like it here. Sean and Emily meet and he tells her, “This is my simple life.” He tells her it has been years since he has brought anyone home.

Emily tells us that she feels Sean has every quality needed to be a good husband and dad. Sean has brought his two dogs and they walk around the property. They find a beautiful meadow and pick flowers. Emily says that she can see Ricki here. Sean proceeds to tell Emily about one serious relationship where the girl was extremely in love with him but he could not reciprocate. He promised himself he would never get involved again unless he feels the same. Then he tells Emily, “I am very excited.”

Emily feels that with Sean, there is no skeleton to find. Finally we arrive at a beautiful red brick home. Sean’s niece runs to him and picks her up and swings her around. Sean, his family, and Emily are chatting and Sean says he has something to confess. He still lives at home. He wants to show her his room.

They climb the stairs and it is a mess. There are numerous stuffed animals all over the place, clothes everywhere. Sean says he wishes his mom had picked up a bit. Emily is stunned but keeps saying to him, “It’s OK.” but inside she it thinking what have I gotten myself into. Eventually, they let Emily know it is a joke. LOL She is definitely relieved. Sean and his dad talk, and Sean tells his dad that Emily means a lot to him. His dad feels she is a sweet woman. Mom visited with Emily and later told Sean that, “She’s amazing and you’d be blessed to have her.” As she leaves, the mom says, “Next time bring Ricki.”

Sean is feeling that marriage is a possibility. He kisses Emily and puts her into the car. Then, he realizes that he wants another kiss. He chases the car, she stops, and they have one more long kiss. And he tells her, If the day comes when I don’t have to say goodbye, I’ll be complete.”

Rose Ceremony: Emily is back and talking to Chris. Emily tells Chris, “I can see my life going in four different directions. My week could not have been better.” She tells Chris that Chris told her he loves her and he would not say it unless he meant it.” Jef: “I felt at home and he read me a sweet letter.” Chris reminds Emily that Arie was the first to tell her he loves her.

Chris Harrison also reminds Emily that Sean has not told her he loves her. But then he chased you for 2 blocks. Emily looks a bit unhappy saying, “I know how I would feel if I was sent home after I took someone to meet my family.” She thinks it would be hard not to think it is a reflection on your family.” This is Emily’s hardest rose ceremony.

I really admire this woman. I know everyone who goes through this process has a hard time, but Emily really seems to take it to heart the hardest. She has true empathy, which can’t but help but in a marriage.

Emily, “I really have to get down to the three guys I have the strongest feelings for.” Emily tells the four men, “This has been the hardest rose ceremony. I have to go on what I feel and where I see our future going.”

Chris does not get a rose. He is very upset but at least he does not blow up. Emily tells him she does not know what to say.” She felt their first date was great but things changed. She tied to explain that her feelings for the other three grew faster. Chris says, “I told you I love you.”

In the car he seems upset because his dad told him Emily told him that she loves him. That’s not what she said, rather it was, “I am falling in love with him.” There is a big difference. And I think that as Chris sort of got crazy towards the end it did not help.

It has been announced that Chris will be on Bachelor Pad 3. I wish him well. Emily wrote in her blog this week, “I had a hard time sending him home, but I wanted to stay true to the promise I made to his sister that I wouldn’t keep him away from his family if I didn’t see him at the end.”

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