The Real Reason Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart are Not Dating Now!!!


Rachel Truehart and Michel Stagliano – All of the Media has Thought of
Them as a Serious Couple



Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart Kissing – Looks Pretty Serious to Me!


  The real reason Michael and Rachel are not together is that Michael had a girlfriend back home, when he came to Bachelor Pad.  According to Reality Steve, Michael was dating a woman named Emily from Chicago.  He met her during a touring show.  They decided to break up before Bachelor Pad (assuming he could hook up (Reality Steve’s words).   As soon as he got back, they started up as soon as the filming stopped. 

He uses Twitter and has not hidden her there.  So, he comes on the show and tells everyone he is single.  He and Rachel have it out at the finale.   He was saying on the show, “I’m here for love.”  Rachel calls him out on the finale show because she is now aware of the woman he has been seeing. 
Michael has stated that  he felt badly as he watched the rest of the show.  He did not realize Rachel cared for him so much.  Really dude?  He did not know that she was really falling for him because she never told him.  She told the audience but I guess never really laid it out for him.   But I remember his saying, “I never felt like this before.”   And he also told her, “I am not going anywhere.”    In any event, there is a blow up about this and Michael was never really honest with Rachel.  In my opinion, he led her on.  Tonight, when she is with Nick, she calls Michael,  telling him she is not happy playing the game without him.  He could have told her then!!  What do you think she meant Michael???
My opinion of Michael has changed.  He is not the most honest gentleman  I thought he was.  Rachel will recover and hopefully she will find that someone special soon.  And maybe Holly Durst Julian is really lucky she did not take him back last year on Bachelor Pad 2.  Money aside, she is truly the winner of that season!



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