The Glass House Begins Monday, 6/18/12! (What to Expect and the Contestants!)

Glass House Contestant Bios

Glass House Contestant Bios

Meet the Contestants Photo of the Glass House!

As the Glass House gets started, there will be two teams of 7 which will be decided by the viewers. The teams will play a game of “Twist and Shout.” Each team will need to solve a large wall puzzle. They will use information about the other contestants. The fastest team to solve the puzzle wins and the other team will send 2 players to “limbo.” The two will make a final plea online through the social media, hoping to be voted back in the house. And each week you will be able to vote about what your want them to eat, wear, and do.

So take some time before Monday to prepare yourelf. Sound like fun? Dive right in.
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Meet the Contestants on Glass House!

Alex: 25 years old and he is a bail bondsman from Texas. I love this man’s motto, “One day your life will flash before your eyes, Make sure it is worth watching.

Ashley: 30 years old and she is a Para Legal.

Apollo: 28 He is a poet and author. He was once homeless and is so ready for this adventure. He is from Phoenix, AZ.

Andrea: 31 years old and she is from Valencia, CA. She works hard and plays harder.

Jacob: 28 and he loves Mining for Gold!

Gene: He is 28 and a professional stunt man. He should be very interesting to watch.

Robin: 43- Blogger, Washington, D.C. I am certain her readers will be excited to read about her adventure.

Kevin: 33- Police Sgt. – Toledo, Ohio – Will he tell the others he is a policeman?

Erica: 27 Is a cocktail waitress. She carried a 4.0 in college but gave it up to move to Denver. She has never been happier.,

Stephanie: 32 Scientist – Boston, Mass. She loves to cook and loves Velveeta. She is always looking for more interesting ways to cook with it. She just may try out some dishes on the others.

Joy: 27 She is a nurse from Fredericksburg, WA.

Jeffery: Is 35 and lost a job due to budget cuts. But, he is not down and out. He is now a receptionist.

Mike: 48, Would you believe his occupation? He is a Bar Mitzvah DJ.


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