The Bachelorette: Super Video of Jef’s Skateboard Ride to Meet Emily and His Thoughts about Interacting with Ricki

If you saw Episode One of The Bachelorette, you saw Jef come rolling in on a skateboard. During a recent interview, Jef was asked how he feels about interacting with Ricki and he stated: “At this point, I would love the chance to meet Ricki. I am a child at heart, and I would love to hang out with her. And I know Emily mentioned that she had played soccer, and yes, I don’t know, I just think it’s something that Emily and I connected over…is Ricki…And I did not see her having a child as a bad thing, even for one second in my mind”

And, if you recall during episode 7, Jef made a point of not only buying a marionette for himself and Emily, but one for Ricki too. He really is the only one who connected with Emily about her daughter on a deeper level than any other bachelor this year.

The more the season goes on, the more and more I find myself hoping Emily picks Jef.

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