The Bachelorette Journey of Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Photos and Narrative



Jef and Emily Met for the First Time In Charlotte

Emily and Jef Had a Special Moment in Bermuda


In England they Went for a Formal Tea Lesson – a Bit Too Complicated They Took off and Went to a Pub for More Fun!






At the Pub and More Relaxed. Later That Night Things Begin to Happen

“The eye of London” Emily and Jef Rode in a Capsule To the Top and Had Dessert With a Beautiful View. Later They Kissed and Kissed Under This Beautiful Landmark. Here in London Jef Knew he Loved Emily

In Prague Jef Bought Marionettes and Made up a Play Which Told Emily His Feelings. He Also Bought a Marionette for Ricki, calling it the Princess. Emily was Touched that He did that for Ricki.

Touted as the Most Romantic Bachelorette Date Ever, It was a Beautiful Setting on His Family’s Ranch in Utah. Jef Read a Beautiful Love Letter to Emily

Jef and Emily Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes at the Ranch in Utah

Emily and Jef Enjoy a Kiss in Curacao

Jef and Emily on the Beach in Curacao



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