The Bachelorette Emily Maynard and Jef Holm, After The Final Rose Recap


Jef, Emily, and Ricki Walk Hand in Hand After Jef’s Proposal


One of my Favorite Pictures of Emily and Jef


Emily and Jef Kissing at the Final Rose Ceremony


After we have finished watching Jef’s beautiful proposal, Emily comes out to sit with Chris.  Chris: “You look beautiful, you look in love. ” And she certainly did.   She is wearing a beautiful purple dress and of course, she shows Chris her exquisite ring.

 Chris is wanting to know more and asks her what it is that is so special.  Emily replies,”I could talk all day long about all the wonderful qualities that he has, but he brings something out in me.”
And now Chris brings up the subject of Arie Luyendyk, Jr.   He lets Emily know that he is waiting to come out and talk with her.  Emily admits to Chris that a part of her heart will always be with that person.  She fells badly that she did not give him real closure in Curacao.
Arie comes out and the two hug and Arie tells Emily that watching the show has helped him to understand better what took place.  He continues, “you’re in that moment when you are so in love and you have this whole future planned out…you can really see an end to the relationship.”
And Arie explains that he has nothing but love for her and he is glad she is happy.  Then Arie talks about a visit he made to Charlotte, hoping to see Emily.  He states that he wishes she could have said to him what she said to Chris Harrison in Curacao.    He goes on to explain that when he returned home, he was not worth anything.  He knew he could not go out to see his friends or family without them knowing something was wrong.
So, he bought a ticket for Charlotte.   He called Emily when he got there.   He realized that out of respect for Ricki and Jef, seeing Emily was not the thing to do.  He left his daily journal for her to read, adding that she was the one who suggested he write  in one.   He felt it would give her an understanding of what he had felt. He left it on her door step and then returned home.
Chris asked her if she read it and she said, “No, those are his memories.”  And she did not feel it was respectful to Ricki or Jef.  She told Jef what happened and he called Arie.   Arie stated they were good friends and he was happy for Jef.   Arie said that  the phone call  helped him to understand.
What an amazing thing.  These two men bonded during the show, and even though one did not get the girl, they are still friends.  Truly both of these men are men of integrity.  Sean Lowe has integrity too.  I truly think Emily had the largest group of men that were truly there for the right reasons and were good men.
Aire finished with, “Now that I know you are happy, I am happy.”
Chris asked her if Jef had a problem with what Arie was going through.   She told him Jef was aware of what was happening.
Jef comes out and you can tell they are so in love.  They both look so happy and both agree that they did not feel like they were on a show.  It felt like regular dating.  They admit that they were able to see each other almost every weekend, at a quiet secret place.  If you remember, I once wrote about how Ali stated in her blog that Jef was having rendezvous with Emily in Calif. on the weekends.
It appears, that perhaps ABC realizes that to only see each other a few times while the show is airing, is difficult.
They talk about the future and Jef tells Chris that Emily would like to go to Africa and help those people.  So, they will be going there with his water company, drilling wells, etc.   They also talk about his moving to Charlotte. 
 Jef said it makes  sense for him to move.   That is where Ricki’s family and friends are and he can work anywhere.   Such maturity this man has.   He says once they are married, they will figure out where they want to be.   And I heard Chris mention they will live in two houses before marriage.
Chris asks Jef  how things are going with Ricki and he says much better than he thought it would.  Jef says that Ricki is Emily’s universe and she is becoming my universe.  She has spent a few weekends with them and they show a lovely picture of the three of them.
As for setting a date for marriage, they are not ready for that, perhaps next Spring.   And they would like to get married in Charleston.   Chris wishes them well.   I think they will do well. Do you?

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