The Bachelor Pad Finale Provided a Beautiful Moment for Tony Piper and Blakeley Shea-Ring Details

Tony and Blakeley Began Their Journey on Their Camping Date



Blakeley Shea and Tony Pieper Moving In Together and They Get Engaged on the Bachelor Pad 3 Finale


 The Bachelor Pad finale was full of tension and surprises.   And the nicest things were the beautiful words which Blakeley spoke about Tony Pieper and the words of  love Tony expressed.   And when he went down on one knee, everyone knew what was going to happen. 

 They had some special moments leading up to this moment and we watched as their relationship grew.  They began their journey when they had their one on one date, which turned out to be a camping date.  And it was the best date ever for them.
Last night, we relived them driving away from the mansion and Tony telling her she was the best thing that happened to him.    Blakeley told Chris Harrison she was hoping for the money but she found love.  Blakeley talked about what a wonderful man Tony is.  She has never felt like this about anyone and it is like a huge weight has been lifted off  her shoulders.  She said  Tony helps her feel relaxed and he makes her laugh.  She also shared that she is able to be herself, the real Blakeley. 
Chris Harrison remarked when talking with her, that she really is vulnerable and he did not see her toughness. 
Chris asked if they have an announcement and they stated they are moving in together.  Tony admitted that when he first saw Blakeley, he had a crush on her, but she became partners with Chris.   Tony did not give up and said he was persistent.  When the opportunity came, he moved right in.
Then, Tony told Blakeley how much he loves her and he wants to prove it.  He got down on his knee, took out a beautiful Neil Lane ring and asked her to marry him.  She bent down an said, “Are you serious?”  Tony said, “Yes.”  Blakeley said, “Absolutely.”   Everyone cheered and there were hugs all around.
I learned today, through surfing the Internet that Blakeley received a 2.5-carat diamond ring.  People magazine said,
“Tony spent a lot of time figuring out what she’d like – something elegant, cool, sexy and with both a fashion-forward feel and with a bit of the past, a vintage vibe,” says Lane, who handcrafted the ring in less than three weeks time.”
What a lovely story and I truly wish them  all of the happiness in the world.  I think they are going to have a wonderful life together.






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