Testosterone, Bugs, and a Blindside, Love in the Wild Recap Episode 5

Ben has Made it to the Final Three Couples with Michelle

Ken and Yaina Enjoying Some Time Together

Although this is not Survivor, someone was blindsided last night. Tempers flared this week. During previews it appeared as if we might have a fight on our hands between Jesse and Ken. Thankfully, that did not happen. Jesse was stating that he tried to bow out gracefully last week. And Ken came back with, “You didn’t bow out, you’re here. And Jesse tells us, “Ken is talking out of his a–!

As you recall, Ali chose Ben last week and Jesse chose Michelle. Ben and Michelle were both visibly upset over the situation. Michelle and Ben had only come together in week 3. They were hoping to take it further and then, wham, they were split up.

Michelle becomes territorial, and who can blame her? She tells Ali, “I am not going to step aside and let you have him.” Ali feels Michelle is responding with a bar fight mentality. Michelle is just telling Ali like it is.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Ali did not realize how close Ben and Michelle were. Later, she and Jesse are talking and Ali tells him she is not going to take the fall for the rift between Ben, Michelle, Jesse, and Ali.

Meanwhile, Ken is having difficulty with Jesse and feels he like a snake. Really boys, it is time to get over it. Ken is still with Yanina, so he should be happy. They are together and Ben and Michelle will have a chance to get back together and I feel very confident that they will.

Yaina suggests to Ken that he focus on the task at hand. They do not need a distraction.

Ryan is not feeling well. He is nauseated and Jenna offers that he sit this one out. That of course, would mean they would be last and at risk of going home. Ryan does not want to let Jenna down. Little does he knows she would probably prefer it, which we find out at the next couples ceremony. Ryan is going to participate.

Ali tells Ben she feels like she is getting her second wind and she thought she would try someone else. Too bad for her, he’s taken. She knows he is going to go and cuddle with Michelle and tells him not to be gone all night. Ben says, “I feel like I am grounded.”

It is unfortunate that Ali did not really observe the closeness of Ben and Michelle, but she does not have a prayer of changing Ben’s mind about the next partner.

Finally it is time for the next challenge. Ryan will do the challenge and Jenna tells us that she likes Ryan but she does not know if he as the “X” factor. Ryan is content to take things slowly.

The couples arrive to hear what Jenny has to tell them about the challenge. She begins by saying, “The fact that someone can break you up is fearful.” They all agree. She talks about today’s challenge testing their fear factor.

They will build an outrigger, find maps, and find three written messages that will reveal a secret message. They are to decode the message, bring her two special objects, and tell her that her hair looks nice. It’s in a ponytail today, nothing overly glamorous there.

Ben is frustrated with Ali. When they get to the place where they have to climb down a high cliff on a rope, he sees that she has a fear of heights. He is not amused. He does not want to come in last. With Michelle and Jeese, I was wondering if Michelle would deliberately try to slow things down. I can’t see her wanting to be at the Oasis with Jeese. But, Jeese wants to beat Ken as he wants revenge.

The last part of the challenge entails each person picking up a bug and carrying it to the finish line, along with the decoded message. During the challenge, Ken remarks that Yaina is a bit bossy and he wonders if he could live with that. There is a small amount of bickering but nothing so terrible they should break up.

If you watched last year, Samantha and Mike had a similar meltdown towards the end. Let’s face it, establishing a relationship under any circumstance is difficult, yet alone out here in the jungle! The great thing is that both Samantha and Mike worked it out and they ended up winning, and they are still together.

Back at the cabins, Ken and Yaina talk and realize they want to be together. She gives him a spa day and he loves the pampering. It was really funny to see all the couples arrive with their bugs.

Jenny has a cage for them to put their bugs into. She clearly is not interested in really looking at them. She especially is not wanting to touch them!

Summer and Chase work really well together and come in first. Jesse and Michelle second. Ken and Yaina third. Jenna and Ryan fourth. Ben and Ali last. Summer’s and Chase’s relationship has slowly been growing and they both are looking forward to spending time at the Oasis, hoping that some romance will happen. Summer tells us, “I feel if we were ever going to have a romantic connection, it would have to be at this place.”

She also feels the man should make the first move. Chase says they have had a delicate balance between romance and being competitive. Finally, they have their first kiss and Summer likes it. Ben and Michelle cuddle in a hammock.

Jeese gets Ali aside and tells her he is still attracted to her and would like to give it another try. She tells him there is nothing there. Ben says that he feels Ali is a black widow. Strong words! He also uses the word fungus. Ryan wants to stay with Jenna, she’s cool.

Couples Ceremony

Summer and Chase stay together. Summer tells everyone, “We had an outstanding kiss, he’s the best.”

Michelle and Jesse – Jesse knows Michelle does not want to be with him, and neither does Ali. He decides to go to the unattached area.

Ken and Yaina stay together. Ken tells Jenny about his spa day.

Ryan and Jenna – Ryan wants to stay with Jenna and he states that they are taking it slowly. Jenna begins, “You are one of the best guys I have ever met. But we are better off as friends.” Ryan is shocked and wishes that she had said something earlier. They both go to the area where there is no match. There really are no other choices as everyone is hooked up.

Jenny is stunned as two couples are going home. We have three couples left: Summer and Chase, Yaina and Ken, and Ben and Michelle. I love all of these couples and wish them well. I believe these couples have found Love in the Wild, and they will all continue after the show is done filming.