Ten Things You Should Know About Bachelorette Contestant Jef Holm

Emily and Jef in Bermuda

Different Looks for Jef – Then and Now

1. Jeff is the co-founder his company “People Water.” The water company has made the pledge that for every bottle of water sold, an equal amount of clean water will be given to a person in need.

2. Jeff loves to travel for his company. His latest trip was to Nicaragua, the village of Taquezal. In his blog he said, “We were greeted with welcome signs and the most loving people I think I have ever met.

3. Some of the Bachelor men teased him about his hair. Frankly, he cut it before the show. He used to wear it longer, but decided he needed to present a more conservative image. The producers were happier with the new look. It is rather hard to envision him with longer hair.

4. He cannot tell us if he finished first or last, but when asked if would be interested in being the next Bachelor. This type of environment has been interesting but he would not to do it again, right away.

5. He and Arie became great friends and hope to remain so, after the show. They enjoyed time together and were able to talk about their dates with Emily, but did not share their feelings about her.

6. He felt Ryan was a bit much.

7. Although their relationship developed slowly.he is proud of the fact that they had a true friendship first.

8. Jeff actually heard the remark Kalon made about Ricki. Jef asked him, if he felt that way, why was he here. Kalon stated that is was rather boring back home.

9. He thinks Emily is an amazing woman.

10. He absolutely wants a family and to be involved with his kids. He stated that in a future episode, he and Emily have a great conversation about it. The audience will be able to hear it.

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