Ten Interesting Things to Know About Bachelorette Contestant Arie Luyendyk,Jr.

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Race Car Driver Bachelorette Contestant

Arie and Emily Enjoying a Kiss

1. He was born in the Netherlands.

2. He is a race car driver.

3. His father was Arie Luyendyk, Sr., and he won the Indianapolis 500

4. He loves the outdoors, hiking, and traveling.

5. He was once on Hell’s Kitchen, as himself, season 9. The Chefs were able to see the Grand Prix race that Aire was participating in.

6. He has a Real Estate License in Arizona

7. He wants to get married and be a father soon.

8. He knows a producer on ABC’s Bachelor/Bachelorette Shows

9. He and Jef of the Bachelorette, became very good friends and still are.

10. He feels he has a very good relationship with Emily Maynard and he loves kissing her!

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