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Bachelor 17: Did Sean Lowe Celebrate his 29th Birthday in Thailand Alone?

Sean was in Thailand for his 29th birthday and he was able to celebrate it with a chocolate cake. Now if you look at the cake, it is for more than one person. Is his fiance sitting next to him”? There was some speculation that Sean might have proposed to his bachelorette on his birthday. We know that Catherine Guidici is engaged to him but we do not know what day that happened. We believe that his actual birthday was

ABC is Promoting Bachelor 17 on the American Music Awards Nov 18th With a Sexy Photo of Sean Lowe, Claiming Partial Nudity!

OK, what do you think, is this photo considered partial nudity? Producer Robert Mills is using the photo below on The American Music Awards on November, 18th, to get the fans and others to want to watch The Bachelor 17. Sean does look pretty sexy!! Will the women be swooning?

Dancing with the Stars: What Can we Expect in the Coming Weeks?

We are winding down and everyone is asking what can we expect in the next few weeks. Tomorrow night we will see the Fusion dance. Actually, Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson gave us a preview of it last week in their country dance. Len Goodman complimented the couple on combining western dance movements with the Cha Cha Cha. And that’s what it is. It’s a combination of two different dances, both danced to the same music. Will there be a

Bachelorette Courtney Robertson had Some Spoiler Information about Final Locations and Decided to Stay to Finish The Bachelor 16

If you watched Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season, you will remember that Courtney had some difficult times. She really ticked off most of the ladies and apparently, she was having thoughts of leaving early. She recently tweeted about that and shared that since she was so down, the producers allowed her to call her sister for support. Her sister passed on the spoilers about the next four locations. Who would not want to experience Switzerland? Courtney changed her attitude and decided