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Blakeley Shea Jones Shares Her Reaction to Tony’s Surprise Proposal

          Although bachelor pad spoilers were out there about Tony Pieper’s  proposal to Blakeley Shea, she was surprised.  She told  People Magazine about her reaction:  “I’m still in shock.  I had no shadow of a doubt that I would marry this man.  I just didn’t know when it would happen.”  By the time  the finale, was filmed and aired,  Blakeley had already moved in with Tony and his son, in Portland, Oregon.   Tony stated, “I move quick.  I just

Bachelor Pad’s Nick Peterson Shares Why He Changed His Mind Not to Share The Money

  Everyone was Shocked When Nick Exposed his Keep Sign for the Money    Nick has had an interview since his “Keep” decision aired Monday night on the finale.    I was right in  my previous article when I suggested that his original decision about the money  might have been to share.  He would like to talk to Rachel and “patch things up” but feelings are raw and things need to settle down.  Initially, Nick did talk with Rachel before the finale

The Bachelor Pad Finale Provided a Beautiful Moment for Tony Piper and Blakeley Shea-Ring Details

       The Bachelor Pad finale was full of tension and surprises.   And the nicest things were the beautiful words which Blakeley spoke about Tony Pieper and the words of  love Tony expressed.   And when he went down on one knee, everyone knew what was going to happen.   They had some special moments leading up to this moment and we watched as their relationship grew.  They began their journey when they had their one on one date, which turned out

Chris Bukowski Talks About His Involvement with Three Women

        Chris tries to defend his behavior in an article for “”People Magazine.”  He was on the “Bachelorette for love and on “”Bachelor Pad for The MONEY.   He states that he is not a mean person, “You’ve got to lie and play the game.  You can’t be nice to everybody.”     With regard to his partnership with Blakeley – Chris felt that she was the most athletic girl in the house and working with her would give him

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