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There’s No Place Like Home: Emily Had Four of the Most Wonderful Hometown Dates I Have Ever Seen, Episode 8 Recap

I have to say, I think these hometown dates were some of the best ever. Emily was truly welcome in every home and wanted as a daughter-in-law by all of them. As the show begins, Emily is back in Charlotte to spend some time with Ricki. When Emily gets home, there is a huge banner on the staircase that says, “Welcome Home Mommy.” How sweet. I am reminded of similar surprises from my girls over the years. Emily and Ricki

Jenna Burke of Ben’s Bachelor, and Ryan Bowers of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Met in New York City Recently

It seems Ryan Bowers in making the rounds now that there is no chance with Emily Maynard. Jenna Burke, the blogger from Ben’s Bachelor season tweeted a picture of her and Sean in New York City. If you recall, Jenna had quite a meltdown one evening on Ben’s Bachelor Season. According to Jenna, she and Ryan friends on twitter. Ryan let her know that he would be in New York with a couple of friends. He suggested that they get

Castles, Dungeons, and Heart Strings In Prague Episode 7 Bachelorette

 We are in picturesque Prague and it looks like a beautiful and charming place. Emily is very happy to be here and feels she has the best group of men ever. Emily talked about not giving out the final rose last week. She was truly unsure of whom to send home, stating, “I want to know next time I send someone home I know it’s not going to work out.” My feeling about keeping both Doug and John, is that

Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars Would Love to Be The Next Bachelorette

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, you already know who Cheryl Burke is. She is a fabulous dancer and has won several Mirror Ball Trophies. So, you would think that someone this good-looking and talented, would have no problem finding a man. People have assumed, in the past, that here was a romantic connection with some of her male partners. Wrong! If there was one, it did not last. Recently, Cheryl was at an awards show and made the passing

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