Spoilers Bachelor Pad 3 Finale – Will We Have a New Villain after The Finale?


Is Nick Peterson the New Villian of Bachelor Pad?


Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart Rock the Singing Performance Contest


  Chris Harrison has told us that this will be the finale of all finales.  Now, we have heard that before, but I believe he is right this time.  There will be arguments between Rachel and Michael Stagliano, Chris will face all of the women he courted, and Jaclyn Swartz has it out with Rachel Truehart for picking Sarah Newlon and Chris Bukowski over herself and Ed  for the final two couples.  Rachel and Nick won the last contest.  Hands down, they were the best.  The other two couples could hardly carry a tune.

Heres’ the shocker:  Nick Keeps all of the money.

How did we get here:  When Rachel lost Michel Stagaliano as a partner, the only male left was Nick.  As you know, Rachel almost went home.

Nick has been under the radar and only now, does he step up to truly contribute to the game.  When he was on Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette season, we did not know who he was either.  He was very quiet and almost non-existent.

Now, he has a chance at $250,000.  He has told us he came for the money  He had no alliances and no romances.  Was that his strategy?

The pivitol moment in the show is when he finally convinces Rachel to take Chris and Sarah to the final two vs. Ed and Jaclyn.  Jaclyn and Rachel have been friends forever and always stick together.

Chris Harrison states in his blog that the final decision as to which couple to take with them to the final two took hours.  He stated he feels Nick finally wore Rachel down.  Nick makes the case that they will get more votes with Chris and Sarah than with Ed and Jaclyn.  In fact, he says, Ed and Jaclyn could win.

Nick tells her, “I came for the money.”  And he promises her that her friendship with Jaclyn will not end.  How can he promise that?  So, Nick is leading her down the path he wants and leading her to slaughter.   And I cannot believe that he does not already know that he is going  to dump Rachel and take all of the money.  If he had been with Erica Rose and did this, can you imagine the fallout?

Rachel folds.   Chris Harrison states she was drained and exhausted.

At the finale, the other pad contestants vote for the couple they want to win the money and they vote for Rachel and Nick.  Nick would have not come this far if he had not been with Rachel.  Chris is disapppointed in the small number of votes he and Sarah received.  It really dawns on him just how much he is disliked.

We know that the couple must choose Keep or Share the money.  Rachel puts share and  Nick keep.  Nick keeps the money all to himself, “Saying “No one comes here to win $125,000.

Rachel is shocked and justly so.  Before, the couples always had a vested interest in each other.  They had been partners for more than 1 or 2 episodes.  The money was always shared.

I can’t wait to hear what Rachel tells him and what others have to say about it.

Rachel got played by Michael and Nick.  She is tough and I do hope that at some point she and Jaclyn can mend their relationship.

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