Did Bachelorette Emily Maynard Pester the Producers for Financial Info About Jef Holm and Arie Luyenkyk, Jr.?



Emily Looking Cool


There has been the suggestion that perhaps Emily chose Jef because he is wealthy. Unknown sources suggested that she pumped the producers for financial information about both Jef and Arie.  Apparently one of the bachelors who was eliminated made a comment also.  That was Joe Gendreau.  I think it was sour grapes.   How in the world would he have any notion about that? And he made such an impression on me, I can’t even remember him.

Emily has responded:  “I’ll be honest with you.  I thought Jef  lived at home for the better part of our relationship while the show was airing, and I still kept him around.  I don’t know how Joe knows anything about me or Jef, for that matter considering he was sent home first, but who knows.”

And she continued, “I don’t need anyone’s money.  My father worked really hard his entire life so that his children will never have to want for anything, and I’m very grateful for that…I find it pretty insulting that anyone would say that.”

You go girl.   Watching the show, it was obvious that Emily was not poor and I certainly don’t see her as someone who needs another’s money.  She has a beautiful home and both she and her mother do not appear to have any financial concerns.