Smiling faces, beautiful places; Large litter protester strips to save the planet.

Smiling faces, beautiful faces

Smiling faces, beautiful faces

Ridiculous news of the day…

What’s in the water out there in South Carolina ya’ll!

During a press conference for an anti-litter campaign a very large and in charge African American woman evidently stripped down to her drawers to voice her disapproval of littering….Um, yeah, not sure the tie in here friends but just a reminder that people a fawking Curazaay!

Okay yeah, littering is a problem, but is this really necc. Isn’t there bigger problems in the world?

The ladies name was Pam Dixon and she is 42 and very big. Sadly perhaps what makes this news? Ya think?



Kinda makes ya wonder if a super model did the same thing if the cops would have felt the need to move-in to protect the crowd. :-). Right?

I mean can you imagine if Miss South Carolina strolled out in a G-String…I think the outcome would have been different….but that’s just me.

Evidently Dixon tossed her purse, dropped her pants and started walking toward the crowd???!? Okay so perhaps it was the way she was charging the crowd? 

Huffpo has a video – link below, which I might add was the source of this nonsense! Way to feed the sheep huffpo! +10

Source: HuffPo

Honestly though, do you think that if Miss South Carolina did the same thing she’d have been taken in? 🙂

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P.S. ‘Such as’, Share your comments below (This is satire….no love-notes please.)

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