Sean Lowe Talks about his”Nerdy” SideTierra LeCaussi and More

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

When  you think about “Nerdy” one would not think of using this word about Sean. The things which he considers nerdy, are: doing crossword puzzles, quizzing his friends on historical factsHe also enjoys doing math in his head, which often his friends find very interesting. But that is not surprising as he has been an insurance salesman and is used to doing calculations forever



Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17


And if you want to date Sean, do not show up in  a tube top,  and he does not like bars or clubs.  He would rather see a film at a local theater.

When was asked on “Sean Tells All, ” he  told Chris Harrison, that he is glad he let Tierra go.  He finally saw how emotional she was and did not feel she had the emotional maturity for this type of reality show.  In fact  he even mentioned that he wondered if she was faking some of her injuries.  How many times did you get off of your couch and sit forward and yell, “Sean, NO.”

With regard to the finale, he admits he has an emotional meltdown.  If you have seen the previews, Chris Harrison brings him a note and we see him fall apart. And we know that is engaged and he  has met  his finance in Palm Springs a few times, under tha radar. However things end, we wish  him well.