Sean Lowe Believes in the Process of “The Bachelor”

Sean Lowe with his Niece and Nephew – We Know he Loves Children



Sean Lowe Bachelor 17


Congratulations to Sean Lowe for being chosen to be the Bachelor 17.  Immediately after he finished with “The Bachelorette.” everyone was asking him if he would consider being the next bachelor.  He was always a little vague, and let’s face it, he was hurting because he had been rejected by Emily Maynard.
Over the months, we heard that ABC was courting him for the role.  In a recent interview with Hollywood Gossip,  he stated that is was a difficult decision to try Realty TV again.  He was emotionally drained after his first experience so why do it again?  And here is what he said about his final decision:
“But on the flip side of the coin, I understand that the process works  – I believe in the process. And ultimately if I were to find my wife, it would certainly all be worth it.”
And he has started  filming so we will be Internet sleuthing to find those spoilers for you.

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