Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 Spoilers Cocktail Party Episode 1

We have talked about the fact that Sean Lowe will break the rules during his stint on the Bachelor. Normally, there is one impression rose given out. However, Sean will give out 12 as the evening progresses. Naturally, the ladies who do not get one, are concerned because that means less will be given out at the actual rose ceremony.

Lindsay Yenter Bachelor 17 Final Four

Ashley Palenkas Pulls out a Tie to Tie Sean up With

We have learned that it is Lindsay Yenter who arrived in a wedding dress. Taryn Rene Daniels will become so drunk that she will not make if very far. Sadly, there is always one, be it a male or female that goes that route. And then there is Ashley Palenkas, who is obsessed with the book “50 Shades if Grey,” which is about Dominant and submissive play which often involves bondage. She tells the ladies that she wishes Sean would rip off her clothes and spank her, And, apparently she may have a bondage fetish as she pulls a tie out of her cleavage, and chases Sean all over the mansion wanting to tie him up. Bye Bye!!!

When Tierra LiCausi exits the limo, she shows Sean a half-hearted tattoo on her finger and how she is looking for someone to close it up. Sean tells her to wait a minute and she thinks she is being eliminated. However, Sean comes back with a rose and gives it to her.

Tierra LiCausi Bachelor 17