Say It Is Not True – Chris Harrison and Emily Maynard a Couple?

Chris Harrison and His Family

The latest rumor about Emily is that she may break her engagement to her fiance because she is love with Chris Harrison, and he with her. It is not unusual to have ugly rumors flying around as we get close to the end of the season. Also, it is said that Emily is calling Brad Womack for support. Now I just saw a story about Emily and her daughter in New York this weekend for some special time together. In the picture with her daughter, she looks very happy. I can’t imagine being in such a love triangle and being happy and comfortable. By the way, Vienna Girardi, is the one who used that phrase, love triangle.

Vienna was in the Caribbean a few weeks and saw Chris Harrison with his family. She stated that she never saw him with his wife. (Are they not gettng a divorce?) Maybe he was working. Jef Holm was also seen in the same area. I have even seen a photo of him on a boat. Maybe he met Jef and Emily. I never believe anything unless I see it in People Magazine as I know they have done their homework.

Chris Harrison has stated several times that Emily is a beautiful woman and she is. We will have to wait and see but I am not going to worry about it. I mean ABC would be having a fit and talk about a conflict of interest!

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