Ryan Seacrest Continues His Climb to Success & He will Miss His Mentor and Friend Dick Clark this New Year’s Eve


This New Year’s Eve, Ryan Seacrest will inherit his mentor’s (Dick Clark),  New Year’s show.  Dick  Clark died in April of this year. There will be a special tribute to Dick this year.  When Ryan reflected on the evening he stated, “Personally, it will be tough for me not to turn to him at two minutes before midnight,  which was our routine,  and he would take it 30 seconds before midnight and do that count.”

Clark was a strong influence on his career  both behind and in front of the camera.  Ryan loves everything that he does.  He started with a radio show and grew from there.  He admits that getting up each morning is not enjoyable, but once he gets to the studio, “On the air, there is a rush to it.”

Anne Sweeny, president of Disney/ABC Television states that he is authentic and you feel his excitement for the talent he introduces.  She also feels he has a very good eye for talent.

Here are the Activities he is currently involved in:

Fox:  Host of American Idol

E!:  Editor at large at on the red carpet for various award shows

Radio:  On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and America Top 40

Producer:  Keeping  up with the Kardasahians, Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, E!’s Married to Jonas.


Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Paris 2012

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Paris 2012

And if that is not enough, he is working on a TV Game Show, “Draw Something.”

What makes him standout?  He does not wear an earpiece s so he is not waiting for a signal.  His rhythm is the best.  Taylor Swift recently said of him, “I’ve done interviews with Ryan year after year, and I always come away from the experience feeling like he’s one of the classicist  guys  in the industry, he carries himself  in a way that shows respect to the musicians he interviews.”

When not working, you will find Ryan with his girlfriend, Julianne Hough.   Of her he shares, “She understands my schedule, I understand hers.  We work hard  to make sure that if we have to be in different places, that we meet in between.”  He is, very very happy with their relationship.