Ryan Bower’s Demise and His & Bachelorette Emily’s Thoughts on His Exit

Emily Maynard and Ryan Bowers on a Date

Emily made a difficult decision for herself when she eliminated Ryan Bowers Monday night. Chris Harrison has said several times that there was a strong attraction. Fortunately, Emily was able to see parts of Ryan that did not sit well with her and were worrisome. Ryan did get a one on one date.

Ryan date card says, “The world is our oyster.” Oh boy, is his head really big now!

Emily picks Ryan up and they are going on a road trip. Ryan drives. He uses the term “Ttrophy Wife” again and Emily says, “That does not sit well with me.” She also tells him, “Trophy Wives don’t talk.”

Ryan tries to explain, but I still don’t think he gets it. He says that trophy Wife to him means, “It is the best part of me.” (Good try Ryan but it does not cut it.)

They find themselves at a boat and find oysters. They try them, but Emily spits hers out. (I would too, slimy things)

Ryan tells us, She’s going to be someone’s Trophy wife and I’m pretty sure she’s mine.”

Let’s cut to the chase – more conversation and they both look at the rose. Ryan tells her he wrote down several qualities he wants in a wife and names them: Some of which are:


There are a few more but nothing about wanting a family, being a good parent, etc. Emily notices this and points it out. Emily states, “Sometimes when I am with you, I feel I have to be perfect. I do not want to be in your mold.”

Emily tells him she is not going to give him the rose.She says she may be making a mistake but she can’t give it to him. Oh my, for a time there I thought he would get her to change here mind. He tells her he is shocked, especially after what they experienced today. (Talk about trying to lay out a guilt trip.) Thankfully, Emily sticks to her guns and he is gone.

Back at the hotel, Arie thinks Emily will see through him and Chris says he is a great salesman. In the limo Ryan is still at it. “She is making the wrong decision. The guys must be shocked.”

And here’s the kicker, Ryan tells the camera, “Don’t cut this film and make me look like an arrogant ass.”

Ryan Bowers is the owner of Athlete Sports Training Academy. Of his experience, he feels perhaps was not portrayed correctly. He had this is say: “They’re building entertainment for the show, so they build characters out of you. If there’s any regrets, it’s maybe that I was so trusting to be able to really open up and talk about things. It’s a bit hurtful when somebody takes your words and uses them the wrong way.”

“I think you saw bits and pieces of who I really am. The first two episodes they allowed me to be myself and as we pushed forward to episodes three and four, they really wanted me to be this villain.” Bowers also stated that a few of the men called him after Monday’s show to say they were sorry for how things came out.”

He still feels Emily should have given him more time as she said she was not sure about her decision. But then he goes on to say that she was right that they were not compatible for each other. Stating, “That does not mean two people are not good people. She’s a good person and I am. We can appreciate each other, just not as husband and wife.”

He also feels he is more playful than she is and she did not understand some of what he said. She does not understand why he says what he says. (Come again?)

I can understand what he is saying but I still think he is trying to put a good spin on his appearance. He told us he would get media attention, and he is getting it. But here is one thing that is positive: He will be involved in an online auction for someone to have dinner with him. The proceeds will to Aimee Copeland, the 24 year old Georgia woman fighting flesh-decaying bacteria.

Here’s Emily’s Take on Ryan “He is very sweet but at the same time there was always something that did not sit well in my heart..There is not anything understated about Ryan’s confidence. ”

“While we did bond over our passion for our faith, I never felt comfortable being myself around him without feeling like I was being judged. That night I even asked Ryan if he would ever be the Bachelor, and he never gave me a yes or no answer, so that should have been warning sign number 1,298,398.” Did she do the right thing? Bachelorette 6 recap

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