Roberto Martinez Wants $750,000 To Be ABC’s Next Bachelor

A Slick Looking Roberto Martinez

We have heard that Roberto Martinez is confirmed as the next bachelor, according to Reality Steve. Now, it seems Roberto has gotten a huge ego and is trying to get a payment of $750,000 to star as the next Bachelor. He even went so far as to tweet the follwing: “Keep ur lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have. Hebrews 13:5 #There is no price.” What a contradiction this is!!!!! Is this guy for real? So one wonders if he indeed will be the next bachelor. I wonder what ABC thinks about all of this. No word so far.

Roberto’s former fiance Ali Ali Fedotowsky, has stated in an interview that if he does The Bachelor, what will he say about their breakup. From all that I read it seemed that Roberto wanted a quieter life than Ali. She wanted to party more with friends. Not necessarily drinking, but being out and enjoying their company.
And I seem to recall that at times Roberto could have an anger problem. I don’t think Ali needs to worry. I would tend to believe her more than Roberto. And a true gentleman would not tell stories. It’s been over for quite some time.

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