Remember Chris Lambton? He’s Newly Married, Has a TV Show, & He Ran a Race in Honor of his Mom Today!


Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright Married


Tattoo of Chris’ Mom’s Signature on his Chest

 Chris Lambton ran a race in honor of his mother, Marjorie today, 8/12/12.  When Chris was on “The Bachelorette,” we learned that he had moved home when his mother became very ill.   He wanted to help his dad with his mom’s care and he wanted to be close to her.

 His mother suffered from Multiple System Atrophy.  This is a neurological disorder similar to ALS.  She died in 2008.   And, he had a tattoo of his mother’s signature put on his chest, close to his heart. 

 He was one of the final two men in Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelortte Season.   Ali  Fedotowsky    knew that  she was in love with Roberto Martinez, and did not want to put Chris through the final rose ceremony.   When she gave him the news, he was crushed.  But hang on, he will find love!
Chris grew up on the Cape and the New Balance Falmouth Road Race was always a big deal.  When he was offered the chance to race for Compassionate Care  ALS, he had to say yes.  In an interview in the local newspaper, Chris had this to say,  “My mom was a nurse at Cape Cod Hospital and gave so much of herself in so many ways to her patients, community, and family.  Because of this, I believe that everyone should get involved in whatever charity suits them best and give back.”  Compassionate Care was a wonderful help to Chris, his family, and his mom, during her illness.
And some other good news,  in case you did not know, Chris is a newly married  to Peyton Wright, Season 10 Bachelor, and  Bachelor Pad 1, contestant.   He found love!!   And he also has a  TV show called “Going Yard”   on HGTV.  He tweeted  that he started  his second season and Peyton is an important part of that.
It certainly looks like marriage takes place within the Bachelor franchise, but  often  the former contestants meet after the shows at reunions.  But,  if  it works, don’t fix it!!!!



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