Rachel Truehart is Ready for Love and Will Be A Contestant on Bachelor Pad 3

Rachel Truehart Bachelor Pad 3

I am excited to see that Rachel Truehart will be on Bachelor Pad 3. I thought she was one of the nicest and sweetest ladies in Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season. When we first met Rachel, she was 27 years old and a sales rep at Lucere Textiles in New York. On the bachelor 16 she made the final 6.

She managed to avoid conflict, sometimes not easy to do. When she was up against Blakeley Jones on a two on one date, she gave it her all in dancing a vigorous dance. Blackley was really turning up the heat but Blakeley was sent home. Rachel opened herself up a bit more, but for the most part, remained closed off and she was sent home. She feels she is ready for love and willing to open up more as she knows that is important.

She feels her greatest achievement is moving to NYC on her own with no one there she would know. Most of her friends doubted she would be successful, but she surprised them. She was recently interviewed about her Bachelor experience.

We will always remember that date with the sharks. She was afraid of sharks, and part of the date entailed swimming with them. No one bothered to inform her that the sharks were sand sharks and not dangerous. Ben aware of her fright, spent time with her, telling her he would take care of her. She overcame her fear.

Her close friends from the show are Elyse, Monica, Jennifer, Emily, Kacie, Samantha, Casey, Courtney, and Jaclyn and Jenna, who both live in NYC. She gets together with them as often as she can.

When asked if she would do Bachelor Pad, she had this to say, “Yeah, I definitely would. I had a really positive and great experience on the Bachelor so I think it would be a blast to get to meet a bunch of Bachelor alumni. I’ve been meeting some of them already and everyone is so nice and fun. I think it would be a really cool experience and a great chance at some cash of course.! I am looking forward to seeing her and perhaps there will be a gentleman for her too.