Pamela Anderson is Back for All Stars DWTS Here’s Why Plus Photos



Pamela Anderson Season 10 with Damion



Pamela Anderson’s Hot Fox Trot Season 10 Looking like Marilyn Monroe


 Pamela was on the first time in season 10.  She was elegant, graceful, sensual, and sexy.  Her dances were wonderful but as she continued, the sexiness and gracefulness could not cover up the poorer technique.

Pamela Anderson is back and paired with Tristan this season.  They should be fun to watch.  When Pamela was asked why she is back she said, “I never knew I could dance – I’m finding out much more to, so why not?”

Pamela and Tristan Season 15 Dancing with the Stars


Pamela and Tristan On Their Way to Rehearsal – Still Looking good!

She feels that she is fearless when it comes to performance so she has nothing to live up to, “I can only surprise people.” 
When asked what part of the show she enjoyed the most the last time, she replied, “It’s like going to dance class and I could not afford as a kid – and now they are paying me.”
Something she might do differently this time, “Is to channel a few past lives, I must have been a dancer somewhere in time.  I feel strongly about that.  It resonates in my soul.”  And that might move her closer to winning the Mirror Ball. 


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