Once Again Emily Maynard and her Daughter’s Grandparents are Feuding

It seems that Emily Maynard and her daughter’s grandparents (Rick and Linda Hendrick) are feuding again. As we reported earlier, Emily Maynard is expressing the desire to move to Hollywood. The grandparents want Ricki to have as normal a childhood as possible, but they feel Emily’s need for the limelight and wanting to be a celebrity interferes with that. Ricki’s grandfather even went so far as to talk to the teachers to ask them to watch Ricki’s behavior and to let him know if there were any changes. Of course, the school is not obligated to do that and really cannot without Emily’s permission. But this shows how deeply concerned the grandparents are.

Recent Photo of Emily Maynard and her Daughter Ricki

And of course, raising Ricki is Emily’s responsibility but it seems a shame that the grandparents and Emily are not talking again. They only confer to make arrangements to visit Ricki. This claim that Emily was putting Ricki aside in favor of being in the limelight and being a celebrity happened when Emily was doing The Bachelorette.”

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