“Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave” Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano Explains What Took Place Last Night & His Thoughts Ep. 5


Erica Rose Bachelor Pad 3 Eliminated Episode 5

Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad 3 Eliminated Episode 5


 In his weekly blog, Michael Stagliano explains what went down with his going home last night.   Michael has been friends with Erica Rose for a long time.  Since her exit on the taping of the show, he has had no contact with her.  He does feel badly about trying to have her voted out as he had told her he would have her back.

 In his defense, he states that she was the logical one to go home, as she was not in his alliance and she did not win any challenges.   She was  more or less the weakest link.  He does feel he owes her an apology for blind siding her.  At the finale, if she wants to talk, he is willing, but he will leave it up to her.
Michael states, “If she wants to make amends then I am open for that.  I can and will forgive her…And I also feel I owe her an apology as well for telling her I would have her back, and going back on  my word.”
When Chris Harrison arrived, he had some interesting news.  There would be a twist.  Everyone would vote for one of the ladies to go home.   The chosen lady would then decide which man would also go home.  No discussion!!!
Before the twist, it was Chris and Sarah who would be voted out.  When the twist  happened, all that changed.   Michael was trying to convince Erica that Chris was gunning for her, and if she was voted off, the thought was, she would take Chris with her.
Chris made a very smart move when Erica confronted him about lying to her.  He had not voted yet and he took Erica with him into the voting room.  She watched him vote for Lindzi.  Now, she is fuming and ready to take Michael down with her.
When the twist was announced, Michael stated he went immediately to his room and packed.  He was fairly certain he would be going home.  Michael also explains that he and Rachel did not vote for Erica so they could be honest with her. They did not want to lie about that.   (I am reminded of the quote that says,)
“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive!”  Sir Walter Scott
I think as we look back at the season so far, this quote is certainly appropriate.  And  Michael also states,  “She made the Right Play!  I was absolutely the best person to take out and she did it.  I was not upset by that move at all.”
It was very hard for me to see Rachel dissolve in tears as he left.  Rachel almost went home last night.
I feel Michael explained himself very well and I understand what he did and why.  But, I was sorry to see him  go.
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