More News and Photos of Jef Holm and Emily Maynard’s Adventures in Ghana, Africa

                          Emily Maynard in Ghana, Visiting Elmina Castle

What a wonderful way for Jef and Emily to begin their lives together.  I don’t think either one could have found any other partner better  for them.

Jef Holm, Emily Maynard, People Water, and Generosity Water Visit the First Well Drilled in Ghana,  Africa.

People Water shared the above photo and this description of their visit.

“We made it!  We drove 3 hours North of Accra to get to this well.  Never in our lives have we seen such love.  We were greeted by a tiny band of children, singing, and playing drums.  the elders of the village showed us so much respect and love, nothing can describe the feelings we felt as they showed us the water source they used to drink!  Dirty, muddy, and full of bugs.  They now are able to drink from the well in this photo.  Clean, pure, fresh water!  We need more help!!!  Please continue to support peeps!! This problem is REAL.  Truly an amazing day.”

I say thank you Jef for caring!

Jef  Holm

Emily Maynard

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