More News About Emily and Her Fiance – Planning a Wedding?

Beautiful Emily Maynard

Jef Tenn Airport After Filming

Photo Jef with his Mom in Charlotte

More press on Emily and her Fiance. Reality Steve tells us it is Jef Holm. Just today, Hollywood Life revealed that Emily and her fiance, Jef are already planning their wedding.

Ali Fedotowsky has a blog and in it she has stated that she tweets with Jef. According to Ali, Jef has been spending most of his time in California, since the filming of Bachelorette ended. Ali thinks Jef and Emily are getting some quiet time together.

If a wedding is being planned, there is no news regarding if it would be on TV.

Now, I wrote an article about the news when it came out about the possibility of Emily and Chris Harrison being in a relationship. My opinion, a smoke screen.

Chris Harrison and Emily a Couple?

Rumors are still out there about Brad Womack and Emily getting back
together. I think that is a smoke screen too. She told Arie’s mom that she did not ask the right questions when she was dating him.

She feels she is asking the right questions now. Are they talking on the phone and/or texting? Could be, but not necessarily as a couple. Why in the world would she go back to him? When I compare him to the final three, he does not have a chance.

If you recall there were rumors about J.P. cheating on Ashely. He was sending bogus texts to try and throw everyone off about their relationship.

As to why all of the final three came home together, I think ABC has tried to prevent a leak. Looks like it might not have worked.

As for Jef being a Mormon, one thing that they strongly believe in is chastity before marriage.

I would seriously think that Jef’s brother would have said something about their religions differences if it was so important. Perhaps he did, and we did not see it.

Anyway, I don’t believe she is with Chris Harrison or Brad Womack.

I also have a photo of Jef in the Tenn. Airport in May/June. Was he on his way to Charlotte?

And, I have a photo of Jef with his mom, in Charlotte. That’s all I know at the moment. I doubt we will really know for certain until July 22.

What do you think?


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