Bachelor Sean Bio – Who is Sean Lowe?

 Bachelor Sean Bio

When Sean was announced as the Bachelor for season 17, you could hear the shouts of joy around the world.  When we first became acquainted with Sean, it was during Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette 8 season.  Many hoped Sean would be chosen by Emily but it was not meant to be.  Sean took Emily home to meet his family and they loved her.  He also has many nieces and nephews, and we witnessed his caring and love for them.  Although it took Sean some time to tell Emily that he loved her, she finally heard those precious words.  Sadly, Sean was terribly blindsided when Emily sent him home. There were tears from both Emily and Sean.  Fortunately for us, Sean was able to heal his broken heart and take the plunge to find his special lady.
Sean Lowe Meets Emily Maynard  Bachelorette 8

Sean Lowe Meets Emily Maynard Bachelorette 8

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

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