Meet Ryan Hoag, a Former NFL Player, Appeared on Bachelorette 4, & Will be On The Bachelor Pad 3

Ryan Hoag A Handsome Man

Ryan Hoag Playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars Photo

When I first heard the name Ryan Hoag, I wondered, who is this guy? Ryan was on the Bachelorette 4 with DeAnna Pappas in 2008. For 4 years, I worked in the evening and truly missed my show, “The Bachelorette.” He is very good looking. He is 32 years old and today resides in Minneapolis, MN. He is the dean of a high school.

I was to learn that Ryan is a former NFL player and after about one hour of research, I learned some interesting things. One thing he is remembered for on the bachelorette, is that he did not drink and he did not make a fool out of himself.

Also on the debut episode he explained that he is a virgin. “Christianity is first and foremost in my life…I don’t have sex. I’m not going to do that until I am married.” Of DeAnna he said, “I don’t know how she’ll deal with the fact that I hold faith as the number one thing in my life.” He was eliminated during episode 2.

In doing my research, I have not found any reference to a girlfriend or marriage. However, he told Entertainment Tonight, that he is on Bachelor Pad 3 for the money, not for a relationship. This could be most interesting!!!

In high school, he proved to be athletic and lettered in football, basketball, soccer, and tennis at and was twice named all-conference and team captain in tennis, as well as an all-conference honoree in soccer.

He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders as the final pick of the draft in 2003. He has also played for New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Washing Redskins, Edmonton Eskimos, Jackson Jaguars, and New York Sentinels. He was not extremely successful in the NFL and hung up his cleats in 2008 and went into teaching.

Jesse Csincsak was the winner of Bachelorette 8 and has this to say about Ryan,

“Ryan Hoag is a great guy, however he is blinded by the hunt for Love. He does not understand that Fleiss is gonna edit him just like he did on our season 4 of the Bachelorette…making him look uptight and awkward when in reality he is not. He’s an all around good Guy!! I hope he wins.

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