Meet Lesley Murphy Who Had a one on one Date with Sean Lowe and She and He May Have set a New Kissing Record!!!

Sean and Lesley Kiss on a One on One Date The Bachelor 17 Sean Does not Seem Shy About Kissing Anymore!


Lesley Murphy a Bachelorette on the Bachelor 17



Meet Leslie Murphy, who went on a one on one date with bachelor Sean Lowe in the past few days.  And we have a photo of their kiss, which some say should be entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest kiss.  Perhaps the advice that Arie gave him about kissing paid off.
Lesley is beautiful.  ABC has declined to confirm or deny that she is one of the bachelorettes.  She is an executive assistant to Democratic strategist Paul Tewes.  However, one of Murphy’s colleagues, Cara Morris Stern, confirmed that Murphy has taken a leave of absence from her job to appear on the show.
Whew!  She is a busy young lady.  On a personal note, she considers herself romantic and enjoys planning to make something special and romantic.  And she would like to have a man pursue her for a change.  I think Sean has that in mind.
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