Meet Jamie Otis, From Ben’s Bachelor to Bachelor Pad

               Jamie Meets Ben

          Jamie the Nurse Photo
 Jamie is a delightful young lady she is 25 years old .  She is a   maternity nurse at Cortland Medical Center, in Cortland, New York.  If you enjoyed  The Bachelor,  you saw her on Ben Flajnik’s  bachelor season.  
She  did well on the show, and before she was eliminated, she realized that she had  not kissed Ben yet.  So, she devised a plan.  She got him  to herself and sat on  his lap facing him.  The kissing did not work very well. She adjusted, and  sat beside him. She had a description of how it should done. And as she was  describing it to him, he started laughing. He just could not get his head around  it.
For many years,  she was like a mother to her younger siblings.  After The  Bachelor she took stock of her life and saw that they were capable of taking  care of themselves. It was time for Jamie to have fun and get out into the real  world. 
In looking for a partner, she is hoping for someone who is loyal, funny,  honest, and kind.  She still remembers her first kiss in first grade.  She is beginning a new chapter in her life and certainly hope she has fun on Bachelor Pad and finds that someone special.  She deserves it.

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