Meet Blakeley Jones (aka Shea) from the Bachelor to Bachelor Pad


Blakeley Jones (Shea) Stunning!


Blakeley Shea Bachelor Pad


 We first met Blakeley Jones, aka Blakeley Shea, on Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor Season.   She was eliminated during the sixth episode.  Blakeley did not get along well with the other girls.  Courtney Robertson even called her a stripper. 

 Blakeley did not go out of her way to be friendly.  In fact, she went after Ben one night and invited him in the pool, on a group date.  She decided she was going to give him a kiss he would not forget.   I don’t know about Ben, but many of the bachelorettes did not forget that kiss.   They were furious!!!!

 This time around, she wants the money and friendship may go by the wayside too.    She has a beautiful body and knows how to use it.   She was once one of the women on the Maxim Top 100 list in 2006.   She wants to be an esthetician and part of her career has been as a “Hooters” girl.
On a more personal note,  she has a long-haired Chihuahua whose name is Halo.   Let’s see how she does on  Bachelor Pad.   She could have a target on her back because she will be living with some of the women from her days on The Bachelor.

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