Meet Amanda Meyer Bachelor 17, Who Considers Herself Very Outgoing!

Meet Amanda Meyer, 26 years old, who considers herself outgoing and has been told that she takes direction well.  She also loves to try new things and meet new people. 


Amanda Meyer Bachelor 17

  She works as a Fit Model and as I had no idea what that entails, I decided to find out.   It is a very important part of the garment industry.  Amanda works with designers and tech designers to give her opinion about how their garments fit her, how the  material is and sometimes she gives her opinion as to what their target market should be.    Obviously, she wears a certain size and it is very important that she maintain her current figure.  She has worked for numerous companies to include, Pacific Swimwear, Oakley,  and 7 for All Mankind.

Amanda Meyer Bachelor 17

On  personal note: 

Her favorite book is “The Shack,”.  She found it emotional and also found it humbles you.

If she could have a superpower, it would be to teleport.  She loves to travel and it would be so much easier to go from place to place.  She could also do it in a “blink of an eye.”

And, the most interesting  gift s ever received was  a Prada bag or the same amount of money donated to a charity that she would also volunteer at, she chose to donate and volunteer.  What a lady!

She is a beautiful brunette, but we know Sean prefers blondes.  How far will she go?






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